You Can Save the Lives of Homeless Animals!

 - Celebrate your birthday, wedding, retirement, graduation or any other event by collecting donations in lieu of gifts.

 - Honor a loved one or a pet by collecting donations in their name.

 - Create a fundraiser at your work place, school or in your community. 

Types of Fundraisers

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to helping our animals.

From lemonade stands to tributes and memorials, you can host a fundraiser forAnimalkind and help neediest felines. Your fundraiser will build awareness and they raise the funds that help provide the operational support we need to save and care for the felines annually.

Looking to brainstorm a new way to raise money for Animalkind?

These are some event ideas supporters have used in the past:

In Honor of...:A fundraiser is a way to honor a person or celebrate an important event or milestone like a birthday, graduations or bar/bat mitzvah. Many animal-lovers opt for donations in lieu of gifts and use Animalkind fundraising campaigns to tell people about what they are doing and collect donations.

Spare Change: Ask your favorite restaurant or local pub to put out a jar for donations of spare change. Decorate it with pictures of

Animalkind's kitties. Ask them to display the jar somewhere it will get plenty of attention.

A Big Favor: In lieu of giving a favor at a wedding, birthday party or similar event, let guests know you’ve made a donation to Animalkind in their name.

Haircut-a-Thon: Ask your hair stylist to host a haircut-a-thon, where he or she accepts donations for Animalkind in lieu of payment.

Get to Work: Offer your services shoveling snow, mowing grass, running errands, etc., in exchange for donations.

Donation Location: Get permission to set up a table in front of your grocery store to collect donations. This is a very effective way to raise both funds and awareness.

Lemonade Stand: Get your kids or neighbors involved and have them feel like they are joining you as you make a difference.

Garage Sale: Ask friends and neighbors to donate items to sell. Make signs indicating that all proceeds are going to Animalkind. Add a straight donation jar, too.

Benefit Night: Throw a fundraising party at a local establishment, such as a restaurant or bar. Charge your guests an entrance fee (donation. Ask the business to support you with a donation of 10% (or more!) of the night’s sales. You can offer to generate a flyer to promote patrons coming to their establishment to help increase their business, and thus your percentage.

Theme Dinner or Wine-Tasting Party: Hold a party for 10 of your friends with a donation of $50 a person. Spend just $20 per person on food and drinks and you’ve raised $300 in donations. Better yet, have everything donated!

Pet Birthday Party: Have a fun birthday party for your pet or a friend’s pet. Serve dog biscuits and ask everyone to wear ears! Ask for a donation at the door. Take photos of your guests with the guest of honor.

Web-Based Auction: Ask friends and family to donate things for you to sell on an internet auction site. Make sure to let bidders know that the item’s selling price is going towards your fundraising for Animalkind.

Personal Vending Machine: Purchase some of the office snack favorites in bulk (or better yet, have them donated), mark them up, and sell them from your desk for $1 or $2. 

Loose Change Day at School: Ask your child’s school to hold a Loose Change Day. Make a flyer encouraging each child to bring in loose change to donate. Encourage math classes to assist with counting and rolling the change.



Sharing your birthday on Facebook is a great way to let family and friends know that this year, in lieu of gifts, you would like them to donate to the ANIMALKIND. You can personalize your message and share with your friends! Every dollar you raise through your page furthers the ANIMALKIND’s groundbreaking work and helps build a more humane country for all animals. 

Raise $50.00 or more and get your free Team ANIMALKIND tote bag.

Raise $50.00 or more and get your free Team ANIMALKIND tote bag.

Donate your birthday to the ANIMALKIND and help save animals! The best gift is the gift of life for animals in need. 

Your family and friends probably all know that you are very passionate about animals. But do you really need another "everything tastes better with cat hair" mug? We didn't think so! 

Tell us your birthday and get a personalized e-card from one of our KITTIES!
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