SPAY + NEUTER CLINICS: Controlling the birthrate of unwanted animals

Animalkind was founded to build a no-kill community—Controlling the birthrate of unplanned  cats (and dogs) is the single most important component in accomplishing this mission.

A puppy or kitten can have her first litter when she is six months old. The gestation period is just over two months long, and each litter has multiple puppies or kittens.  

Without spaying or neutering dogs and cats, it’s easy to see how so many end up in shelters—or worse.  

On average, it costs $500 above the adoption fee to save, care for, treat and rehabilitate a homeless dog or cat. One spay/neuter surgery costs just $100 and can prevent dozens, hundreds, even thousands of unwanted pets from being born.  


  • Reduces the number of unwanted pets born 
  • Reduces the number of unwanted pets turned into shelters 
  • Reduces the number of pets killed in traditional kill shelters and the city pound

Our Targeted Approach

From day one, our spay/neuter efforts have been targeted to assist low-income, under served communities. We want to ensure everyone has access to spay/neuter services. That means providing the surgery for free or at a low cost for pets of families who could not otherwise afford it.

In 2012, we opened Animalkind's S/N Clinic, the city’s first high-volume, free and low-cost clinic in Hudson, NY.Located in the heart of a vibrant but at-risk community in Hudson, NY Animalkind serves neighborhoods most in need.  

And in 2015, we deployed the Mobil Upstate Spay/Neuter Clinic to go directly into under served neighborhoods throughout Columbia and Greene Counties.

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