Trap Neuter Return (TNR)

There are thousands of outdoor community cats living in our neighborhoods throughout Upstate NY. Community members and outdoor community cats are codependent on each other. For neighborhoods to maintain a low rodent population, outdoor community cats are essential. For community cats to maintain their established colonies, they need the support of the neighborhood to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) , continue feeding them and monitor their wellbeing.

Population control is critical to control the proliferation of free roaming cats in our communities.  That’s why AnimalKind is leading grass-roots efforts in successful programs across Columbia and Greene Counties.

TNR includes humanely trapping the cats; taking them to a vet for spay/neutering, vaccinations and ear notching as well as returning them to their natural habitat, feeding them, providing shelter and monitoring their health.

The main component required for this program to have a long-term success is for community members to be involved in the TNR process. This includes educating neighbors and maintaining outdoor community cat colonies.

AnimalKind  offers spay/neuter for free-roaming cats and also provides traps and guidance.